Monday, 15 April 2013

  • The Cistercian community at Nunraw will continue to offer retreat facilities to pilgrims, despite the impending sale of its guesthouse, the abbot of Nunraw Abbey has confirmed
  • Abbot Dom Mark Caira OCR told the SCO that the Nunraw guesthouse has been put up for sale, but added that the measure is part of a 'downsizing' operation at Nun­raw and guests will soon be ­able to enjoy an experience 'closer to the monastic life' within the abbey itself
  • He said. “We are making the move to conserve our energies and use our facilities as best as we can."
  • The abbot added that, 'although the move will result in fewer guests being able to enjoy a retreat at a single time, it is being viewed as a 'positive step' within the community and that the Cistercians are keen to be able to offer the best experience possible to those visiting on retreat.